Workshop on Middleware for Sensor Networks 2007
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The MidSens'07 proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library.
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The second international workshop on Middleware for Sensor Networks (MidSens'07) will be co-located with Middleware2007 (26-30 November 2007) in Newport Beach, California.
Middleware for sensor networks is an emerging and very promising research area. Last year's MidSens workshop (MidSens'06) attracted 31 attendees from Asia (18), Europe (12), and the United States (1); we received 27 submissions, of which 6 papers were selected for a long presentation and 5 for a short presentation. The best papers were invited to submit a revised version for a special issue on middleware for sensor networks in IEEE Distributed Systems online (DSonline).
The aim of the MidSens'07 workshop is to stimulate research in the specific domain of middleware for sensor networks, to collect current expertise, and to further refine and integrate different approaches. In particular, we will investigate how middleware architectures can relieve programmers from the lowest level sensor details, while still enabling them to exploit a sensor's resource capabilities in the most optimal way. This workshop wants to trigger and guide research efforts to create an integrated middleware vision, which is required to handle the challenges inherent to developing and deploying complex sensor applications in an efficient way.
The Call For Papers can be found here.

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